If it ain’t broke…maintain maintain maintain

Today’s beverage: the icy cold reality that me not being able to sleep is going to make for a lovely 7am spin class

Well readers, I feel like I owe you an apology. Was anyone starting to feel ghosted? I said I’d be back last week. Well here I am, slipping back into your DM’s.

Note: parts of this were written pre-rant, and currently at 1:30am I’m not interested in going back to make the timeline cohesive. So let’s approach this with the same mentality as the Fast and Furious saga. Any time something doesn’t fit, you just change where Tokyo Drift falls in the line-up.

If you understood that…yay! If not, you should a) watch all the movies and b) listen to the Newcomers podcast

To say that life has been busy lately would be a massive understatement. Things have been HECTIC…but like, in a good way. So many big things are going well, and it lulled me into a false sense of security I think.

I was having a conversation with my mom the other day about how I was feeling so off balance, and she told me that she was so proud of how I’ve been sailing through these last few crazy months. And I think that really hit me. Like, I didn’t realize how much I’ve had going on lately. I didn’t notice how much I was draining my mental and emotional faculties. But then I lost my ever-loving shit trying to install a fan in our bathroom. Everyone has a breaking point, and it turns out that was mine.

Pro tip: any YouTube video that says this is an easy 10-minute job is a fuckin lie!

But that’s neither here nor there.

Today what I really want to do is circle back with you all as to why I started my blog in the first place. I started my blog as an outlet because I was so unhappy in my professional life. I thought if I could do something for me, and maybe even turn it into a little money on the side (which I did!) then that would help my mental health while I waited for other things to fall into place.

And it worked!

And then I got busy. And I also got a new job, a job that I love!

So the blog went to the back burner. Want to know what else went to the back burner? Me maintaining my mental health.

When I was doing my partial inpatient program a few years back, one of the things they stressed (great word choice, huh?) was that the process of reviving from anxiety and depression is not linear. You go forward. You go back. You put your whole self in and you shake it all about. Somewhere along the line these last few months, I let the fact that everything was going well trick me into lowering what I would normally consider a healthy baseline.

And then I had my first back-to-inpatient visit with my therapist since COVID. And I felt amazing when I left! I also felt drained, but anyone who does therapy knows that’s how you know you talked the good stuff. But it occurred to me on the drive home that I needed to get back to writing. I needed to get back to doing things I had being doing all along to help maintain my mental health.

Just because it’s not broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be protected. It’s like how despite the fact that our new couch is currently spot-free, that doesn’t mean I won’t scotchguard it before Littlefoot and her perpetual zits bleed all over the dang thing. Or another example…I don’t currently smell at this moment. But I’m still going to put deodorant on before I leave for class later.

I say “later” and not “tomorrow” because it’s already tomorrow and already way too close to time to get up.

Anyway, you get the idea.

This is all a very wordy way of saying…I’m back! Probably not at the same frequency as when I started. And by probably I mean definitely. But I’m going to make an honest effort to not be such a stranger.

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle for another beer.

Advice my mother gives me

No beverage: just frustration

Hi friends! So I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile, and honestly, I had a post mostly written and ready to roll out for my big return (stay tuned for that one) but today I feel like I just need to get something off my chest. And this just happens to be my outlet of choice

For those of you who’ve been loyal readers (thank ya kindly) you know that as a runner, and as a woman, I’m no stranger to creepy men doing creepy things. Just as a recap, I’ve been catcalled, followed, spit at, had someone pretend to jerk off at me…the list goes on. I once had someone tell me repeatedly to kill myself and that he hopes I die because I ran into the street while his dog was chasing me.

These experiences don’t make me special, I know. It happens to most, if not all, women. It also happens to men and individuals in general. But let’s not pretend that it’s an equal distribution.

For those of you who follow me on social media, you know that I’ve also been intermittently vocal about my issues with creepy men doing creepy things, in addition to the occasional irresponsible dog owner. But here’s the thing about using a Facebook status as an outlet for a complaint. People don’t always want to hear it. It’s old news. It’s dramatic. It’s just words.

A couple of years ago, I didn’t say good morning to someone on a run. They didn’t say good morning to me either, so I wasn’t aware I had missed the conversation. But anyway, the person proceeded to scream terrible things at me. But when I took issue with this, I was accused of being dramatic, of putting more severity into something that wasn’t that severe.

To that person I say, how do you know? How do you know the intention was just words? How do you know I’m mistaken? Because I don’t. And I was there.

This all brings me to my title and to my rant. Leaving a workout yesterday, I saw a man notice me and cross the street to my side. The man made me uncomfortable before he even crossed. I could see he was having a conversation with someone, and I could see that he was watching me. As he crossed the street he approached me saying, “I am homeless. I need help. Give me money.”

Ok, so if I can interject for a second: any John Mulaney fans get some New In Town vibes from this?? Anyone? Just me?

“Excuse me”
“I am homeless”
“I am gay”
“I have aids”
“I’m new in town”

Just saying.

Anyway, I didn’t answer the man. I was alone. I felt uncomfortable, and I wanted to get to my car. I also don’t carry cash, but that’s not really here nor there. What matters here is that when I failed to answer, he continued to follow me, demanding an answer, calling me a fat bitch, and saying he was going to punch me in the face.

He didn’t. I’m fine. I got in my car, and I drove home. I called my parents. I immediately tried to minimize it. Was I being rude for not answering? Did I manifest the situation by being uncomfortable before he even started speaking? Am I really fat?

He didn’t actually hit me, so was there really a problem?

Like I said, I’m fine.

And yet, none of this is ok.

That brings us to today, and my motivation for this post.

Today I went for a run. One mile in, some guys in a work truck drove by, and one yelled at me and told me to take my shirt off. A half mile further down the road, a car full of teens said something similar. And like I said earlier, none of this is new. And I know the odds that anyone is going to stop is pretty small. But at the same time, I have been followed before.

And it brings me to what my mom said on the phone last night.

“As a woman, you can never just assume you’re safe.”

You see, when I saw the guy yesterday, I immediately got a weird feeling. But no one wants to be that girl who assumes everyone is out to get them. And again, the guy never touched me. But he also didn’t get close enough. So when it comes down to it, who knows?

And are you noticing that even here, in a space that I own, I’m taking care to make a space for this man? Are you seeing how much I feel like I need to clarify that I wasn’t hurt? Can you read into it the insecurity I feel around the possibility that someone may think I’m exaggerating or being dramatic? Can you tell that even now I’m questioning whether I overreacted to the situation.

In the case of the two cars today, I didn’t think that they were going to pull over or anything. Like I said, that type of behavior is pretty common. But it’s all just so exhausting. It’s demoralizing. I’m trying to accomplish something, and instead I’m reduced to an object that is not deemed worthy of even the slightest respect. It makes you question why you’re doing all of this shit in the first place. The repetitive decision making process of determining what’s a threat and what’s just “guys being guys” makes the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the run seem pointless.

Which is why I’m sitting on my porch right now instead of finishing the last two miles of my run.

So I guess that’s really all I have to say on the matter. There’s nothing really to do about it, and I’m sure I’ll be back out for a run tomorrow. But sometimes it feels nice to just remind people that this is the shit that women get to deal with.

Thanks friends, and I promise you’ll get a new post this week! A fun one!

New(ish) year, new shit, same me.

Today’s beverage: still working on my iced coffee from 5am…but at least it’s still cold!

So have ya missed me?! Been a minute, I know. But now that I’ll be in the car for the next 7 hours, what else am I gonna do? Fortunately for everyone involved I don’t get car sick.

2021 is turning out to be my year I think. I got my vaccine so the lower half of my face is now visible to the world again. I just closed on my house. I got engaged. I have a wedding date and a venue. I started a new job!


Did you know that big changes, even when they’re good, are still stressful? Because I did. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t still get to me. It’s like how my fiancé’s friends threw him a surprise birthday party for three years in a row. He knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it boring. That example is kind of a stretch but Brigid is tired.

So yeah, I thought about naming this “New Year, New Me,” but the “me” is still the same. That’s the thing I don’t get about New Years resolutions. Like unless you’re a real dumpster fire, the goal shouldn’t be to become a new person. It’s more like you want to make some tweaks to the current model. Like you don’t need to get a new car, but maybe it’s time to get it detailed.

Also, the drunk version of you should not be allowed to make life decisions for the sober version, unless that decision is to buy a bulk quantity of dunkaroos and lunchables.

I was just telling someone how I only ever think to paint my nails when I’ve been drinking. And they inevitably look like crap, which I think is a suitable metaphor for setting self-improvement goals while you’re running around in a sparkly dress with your own bottle of champagne. It’s all fun and games until you’re sitting at the table locating any paper cut you’ve ever had with a bottle of acetone.

Also, it’s July. We are clearly not in a new year, unless you live by the timeline of an academic planner…which I just bought…for my new job!!!

And on the topic of that new job…

Those of you who have bought houses are probably remembering that the time to start new employment is not at the same time as when you’re starting a new job. The powers that be were not exactly thrilled with my timing. But guess what?! This was something I needed to do for me.

So we made it work.

Homemade butter is ideal, but if you don’t have your own butter churner and cow, store bought is fine.

Anyway, here I sit. Stuck in a car on the way to North Carolina, and taking the first breather in over a month it feels like. The fiancé and I get a week of relaxation and then it’s moving time! It’s painting time! It’s fixing things in the house we didn’t know were broken time! And most importantly, it will be time to put a wall around the freestanding toilet in our basement. I’m not much for peeing in front of people unless I’m three sheets to the wind, so yeah we think that will be step one.

The one nice thing is that we are opting to not make any big changes to most of the house because we figure that should be done after the puppy we are getting in the fall will be housebroken. No sense buying new carpet only to get it peed on.


Oof. Let me tell you, that IUD is staying firmly in place. There is a limit to doing all the things. This will not be a Jeebus Take The Wheel scenario.

I do want to share some of the highlights from all the big changes.

Let’s start with the getting engaged thing.

Have you ever pictured in your head how you’ll react when you propose or get proposed to? Does that picture resemble Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Yeah, me neither but here we are. I didn’t even realize until hours later that I never actually said yes. I just ripped the ring from the box and put it on. My manners are impeccable.

Let’s move on to the house.

I will say this one time for everyone who will ever buy a house. CLOSING IS ANTI-CLIMACTIC. At the end I felt like I had to ask and verify that we had actually just closed. It doesn’t help that we are “renting” the house back to the owners for a month for free so we didn’t even get the keys yet. It’s a seller’s market babyyyyyyy.

Now the job.

LOVE IT. I mean it’s the first week so it’s not like I have a real grasp on things but do you ever get somewhere and just think, “this is where I’m meant to be.” It’s the same feeling I get whenever I see an ice cream stand.

On to the future.

Within a week of being engaged, my fiancé and I have a wedding venue and a date. We thought we also had a guest list (or number of people list) but gosh dang were we naive. Either way, we are officially planning a wedding. Enter Bridezilla! No, just kidding. Honestly, and I know so many people say this, but as long as I can eat my own snacks and drink my own drinks, I’ll be happy. I feel like the only thing on my list right now is to start sweatin for the weddin. And I know, I know, that’s somewhat problematic, and my fiancé loves me just how I am. It’s not like he’s the one who told me to hire a personal trainer. He is paying for it, but that’s just due to my poor money management skills.

This was a solid way to kill an hour. I know it’s been an hour because my fiancé was counting down the minutes until noon so he could eat his sandwich. I feel like one of us used the time more productively, but I’ll let you decide who that was.

That’s all I’ve go for you, and maybe I’ll check back in on the return drive.

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle for another beer.

Ugh I really need to start incorporating booze back into these…

I don’t need a man just pockets

As promised, I’m lightening up the subject matter this week!

Today’s beverage: coffeeeeee

Update: no beverage. Sorry folks, I started this over a week ago, but so much has happened that this here little post got set on the back burner.

Things have been cray cray to say the least

Tough Mudder…check

Housing offer accepted…check


But I promised you all a post about pockets, and that’s what you’re gonna get.

So, back to the task at hand…

Alright ladies, say it with me… “It haaaasssss pockets!”

We’ve all said it, followed by immediately placing hands in said pockets and twirling. Do men do this? No, men are just like oh hey… pants.

Don’t even get me started on the absolute heartbreak that is fake pockets. And before you ask, no I don’t mean the pockets in fancy clothes where you need a seam ripper to open them. I’m talking 100% fake, aesthetic pockets. All the exterior stitch work with none of the interior practicality. Beauty truly is only skin deep y’all.

Now before I dive in here, I am aware that no one is making me buy the clothes I buy. No one is forcing me to wear make-up and attempt to do things with my hair. But here we are.

Side note, I recently learned how to do French braid pigtails and I am flying high right now.

Now, I like to consider myself independent, but in a highly inconsistent and unpredictable way. So I guess actually I’m just stubborn. It’s real cute. Ask anyone. And I try to live by the rule my dad implemented when we were wee children: you stay home until you can carry your own snacks. If I’m going to make the effort to leave the house and venture out into the world, I’m going to be responsible for my own shit. Everything I need for the venture will be carried on my person. I do not enjoy asking people to carry my things for me. They’re mine.

This would be so much easier if any of my clothes served any sort of functional purpose whatsoever! Women’s clothing is a scam, it’s a racket I tell ya. Unless all I have is an old-timey pocket watch, I’m not going to carry all my belongings in my jeans. And the number of times I’ve been bamboozled by a fake jacket pocket has given me severe trust issues. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY HANDS?!

This brings me to my next point. To those of you at home saying to yourself, “why do women carry so much in their purses,” well first of all it’s none of your damn business . But if we are pretending that your opinion on my personal belongings matters, here’s the scoop. If I have to carry a whole ass bag with me, I might as well fill it!

Ever seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall and his coworker show up to their first day of work with briefcases full of candy bars? Hi, I’m Brigid. Present and accounted for!

Besides, have you ever seen a guy in cargo pants? I mean do you neeeeed to carry that Swiss Army knife with you or your all-purpose tool? No probably not. Most of us rarely find ourselves in unexpected MacGuyver situations, but since you have 1,009 pockets, why not? Actually, while you’re at it, carry some tampons in there and help a girl out.

Next up let’s have a chat about running shorts. My fiancé (WHAT WHAT) goes for the occasional jaunt around the neighborhood, and his running shorts have pockets that could for sure fit a phone. My shorts on the other hand could for sure fit a quarter, which is useful if I also have a time machine to take me back to the early 2000s so I could find a pay phone. It’s ironic because everyone says that women should be carrying mace and weapons so we don’t get murdered, but we have to buy more accessories to accommodate them. Honestly, if we just make everywhere a safe space, that would be ideal, but I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, so we know that’s not the case. Also, I don’t run with mace or pepper spray or whatever the legal version of it is because I would likely just spray myself in the face, doing the criminal’s job for them.

Basically this whole post is a pointless rant about form over function. Pointless, because I will not be changing really any of my buying habits. But sometimes it feels nice to just yell for a few minutes. If you’ve ever used the HBO app on a PlayStation, you may understand what I’m saying. You can yell at the app all you want when it inevitable crashes, but there’s still a lot of episodes of the Wire left, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to see where McNulty’s questionable parenting tactics take him.

In conclusion, stayed tuned for next weekend’s newest installment of Brigid’s Stream of Consciousness.

Instead of my usual closing statement, I’ll leave you with this…



M is for May; M is for Mental Health; M is for My Story

Trigger warning: this post discusses mental health and eating disorder behavior, specifically bulimia. If that’s not for you, come back for the next one!

Note: as many of my readers already know, I write my personal experiences from a humorous lens. This does not mean that I do not take the following issues seriously. That is just my method of expression.

May is coming to a close, which means it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. This post is actually one I’ve been sitting on since February. I have mentioned in the past that some of my posts just turn into random streams of consciousness. This was one of those posts. I wrote this post during Eating Disorder Awareness week and never published it. After making some edits, I have decided that, in the words of Rafiki from The Lion King, It is Time.

As is my way, I still plug in sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. Enjoy! Or not. I’m not your boss, just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman…I mean blogger.

Today’s beverage: coffee, black…aka 75% of my bloodstream

Let’s start from the beginning.

I was in middle school when I decided that I was obese. No one ever called me fat. Because I wasn’t, and also that would just be rude. I mean, I even had a 6-pack, something that I managed to define as a personality trait and have been desperately clinging to ever since.

I distinctly remember the summer going in to 8th grade, being up at camp (Lakehouse if you will. Apparently, “camp” is a regional term, and all through college my teammates thought my parents owned a summer camp, which is comical) and trying to see how little I could eat and still get through the day. Fortunately, my mom shut that down real fast. Thanks momma bear.

After expressing concern about not being as thin as some of the girls on one of my soccer teams, my dad tried to impart some wisdom on me.

You see, I take after my dad. We are a short people with long torsos and muscular legs. In my early adult life, this spurred the “hip to tit ratio,” where me and my tall friends would line up our hip bones and point to the nips, determining that our torsos were indeed the same length. It’s an accurate form of measurement, I swear. It’s science.

But I digress.

Back to the wisdom.

“You’re an athlete. Athletes aren’t supposed to be skinny.”

Bless. His. Stubby-Legged. Soul.

At the time, this was devastating to me because all I’d ever wanted to be was skinny.

Here’s the thing: he’s right! The wording could use some polishing, but this is a sentiment that should be shouted from the rooftops on a daily basis. Come at my dad and you are gonna catch these hands.

At that point I was always on 2 or 3 soccer teams, and I was also an Irish dancer. I briefly dabbled in gymnastics, but since I can’t even touch my toes, that was a no-go. There was no world in which I wasn’t going to be muscular, and he was constantly trying his damndest to remind me of that and to help me realize that it was a good thing.

Switching from soccer to running created a whole set of new insecurities, like the transition from baggy soccer shorts to “bun-huggers”. I was “recruited” by the cross country coach at my high school during my freshman year of JV soccer. Part of this was because my brother was an incredible runner. The other part was that my biggest assets to the soccer team were that I could beat the opposing team to the ball, and I could run the length of the field all day long without getting tired. I knew this. Teams I played against in club leagues over the years knew that despite being less technically skilled, I could shut a player out of the game. It once resulted in me getting slapped in the face by a very talented and very frustrated player.

Anyway, off I went to the world of distance running. And I loved it. I still do. But nothing is perfect, and I have covered this topic in detail in my post “A forgone conclusion.

In college, I struggled with reminders (99% of which were in my own head) that I wasn’t “built like distance runner,” which is something I strived for. I felt like a failure. One night in a bar, a drunk townie told us he was going to guess what our track events were. This resulted in a heated argument with a drunken asshole in which I felt I had to prove I was a runner because in his opinion, I was too big. Specifically, my legs were too big. The kicker is that he was still saying I was clearly an athlete, just not a distance runner, but I felt the need to argue until he accepted that I was like the rest of my team.

Fast forward a few years, and I still have my beloved 6-pack, but in my mind, the scale reflected failure: a weight gain of 5 pounds. Unfortunately for me, I base my “ideal weight” on what I was when I was 18, despite being…not 18. In my mind, there’s no reason that should change since my height hasn’t changed. I mean, I was older, no longer racing competitively, going to school, and working multiple jobs, but yeah, let’s just continue to base everything on me still being 5’2″. Real smart, Brigid. To be clear, I’m aware that this makes zero logical sense. The facepalm is real.

Right out of college I started training for my first marathon instead of taking a break after 8 years of racing my way through high school and college. I also got in to a bit of an unhealthy relationship. You could say I was crushing it.

I love running and I love racing, but when I was told by my then-boyfriend that he would no longer date me if I ever stopped training, it felt mandatory. At the time, I accepted his reasoning that he wanted to be proud of me and that he wanted to date someone who understood his lifestyle as a runner.

That relationship ended, and I jumped right in to another one, also a runner. So close Brigid, so close. I was looking for someone to coach me, and I went to him…because he was a local coach! He said he would, but he also told me that as long as he was my coach, the subject of my weight would always be on the table. He convinced me that every pound I lost could mean one second faster around the track.

I over trained. I got injured. I was a burden to his training. Running lost a lot of its appeal. That relationship also lost its appeal to me so I ended via text message between beers from a bar in Florida while my friend stepped away to use the bathroom. Girl Boss!!

Life after grad school and toxic boys hasn’t been all roses though. After to moving to a new city and making new friends, I stopped working out as much and drinking more, which honestly I feel like just goes with the territory, and I’m good with it. New city, new people, new bars. Also, “stopped working out as much” only entailed a drop from 75 mile weeks to 50-60 mile weeks.

My mid-twenties became a turning point. Despite dealing with mild, undiagnosed anxiety and depression for years, this is when things took a nosedive. My anxiety has always manifested itself as nausea. As a result, I fell back on a behavior I taught myself in college for dealing with feeling sick. In my senior year of college, whenever I was hung over, I’d make myself throw because it would settle my stomach, and then I would go eat brunch and go about my Sunday, calling alumni and asking them to give all their money to the school…like as a job, not some weird hobby of mine. Despite the constant protests of my roommate, I rationalized the puking by saying that I was doing it so I could feel better and eat something and get on with my day. She vehemently disagreed, but *shrug* .

So fast forward to age 24. I would eat a meal, a perfectly reasonably sized meal, feel nauseous, and throw up. The thing is, I couldn’t have really been that sick, since I was the one making myself throw up. I also didn’t connect that the nausea was my anxiety around food and weight.

It wasn’t a secret from anyone, really. But you can make anything make sense if you bend the facts. I mean, have you ever used the internet? You can also make a situation sound less serious if you laugh it off, a skill I’ve fine tuned, to toot my own horn. If someone mentioned “bulimia” I would deny it because I wasn’t binging. I would argue that the food just wasn’t sitting well. It was just a “perk” that I saw results on the scale that made me happy (problematic, I know). I got back down to my ideal weight. I was also seeing blood every time I threw up.

This all stopped for a bit after I got mono. I lost a ton of weight because I was sick, and so I was happy with the number on my scale.

When my anxiety hit its peak a few years ago, I realized the same action could put an end to a panic attack. The smallest things could send me into a tailspin. At my peak of 3 panic attacks a day, I was purging pretty much everything I ate.

At the encouragement of my lovely mom, I finally went to my doctor for help. Unfortunately, the medication I was put on was not right for me, and I was not prepared for the side effects. My anxiety went through the roof, I lost my appetite to the point that I was forcing myself just to get through 400-500 calories a day. Oh, and I was still exercising. And I was still, somehow, purging. I wasn’t sleeping. I lost over 10 pounds in the course of a week, and then I lost my fucking mind.

I went from CPEP, to a partial inpatient program (self-dubbed the Island of Misfit Toys), to finding my own therapist and prescriber. Along the way, whenever I described what was going on, people kept asking me if I counted things. I could not figure out what they were getting at. Am I being casted for Sesame Street? Am I Mr. Owl?

Then I got my diagnoses: GAD and Depression (no surprise there) and OCD. I was so confused. In my mind, OCD was cleaning everything and turning the lights on and off. My electric bill clearly shows that my light switches have never seen the “off” position.

OCD definition from psychiatry.org: Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions).

I slipped under the radar because I didn’t see my compulsions as compulsions.

I slipped under the radar because most of us only have surface level definitions of mental health.

We’ve all heard it. Most of us have even been guilty of it.

“Oh I keep my house clean. I’m OCD.”

“I like to write in pencil, because I’m OCD.”

Nah, you’re just tidy.

Anywhoooo back to me.

I started new meds, and my mental health improved in the sense that I wasn’t checking myself back in to CPEP and the purging subsided. But then new side effects of the meds hit, and I started gaining weight. During this time, I had accepted that I needed to put my fitness on the back burner (to an extent) in order to recover some of my mental and physical health, but I was still working out and eating the same, so the change shouldn’t have been as drastic as it was.

I gained 20 pounds, and I hated myself. In my mind, I was a failure. I argued to get my meds changed, because while I wasn’t having panic attacks, the weight gain sent my mental health back down the tubes like one of those water slides that ends in a giant toilet bowl before it spits you out into the pool.

I started purging again. And it became the first time I ever admitted out loud that while the vomiting was still mainly a compulsion to stop panic, I was also purging to lose weight. This got me a med change, and that’s honestly the only reason I said anything. I needed to lose weight.

I started losing weight, and I started training for a marathon. Not only that, I set out for a PR. Makes sense, right? My last marathon had been like 3 years prior and I had barely run in the last year.


Not surprisingly, training didn’t go well. Feeling like I was failing brought panic and purging back to my life. I stopped training and things got better, and I stopped purging. Then they got worse, and better, and worse, and so on.

Mental health isn’t linear. It is a constant battle between your emotional and logical mind. And sometimes I think people fail to realize that. I have times that I feel great, and I have times that I feel like shit is hitting the fan and spraying back into my face. (pretty image, right? I have a real way with words, I know).

Mental Health is also not one-sided. Yes, my purging is (albeit negative) coping mechanism for stress, it is also at times a function of bulimia. There are so many moving parts, and all of those parts need to be addressed.

So that’s my story, or at least part of my story. This post is already long enough. As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, I have been reflecting on the fact that understanding that you’re not alone in your problems takes a huge burden off your shoulders. Mental illness comes with a stigma that is problematic and undeserved, but the more we talk about it and bring it into the light, the less frightening it becomes. So this is me, shining a little light on the subject. Hope ya don’t mind!

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And don’t worry, next post we will be back to our usual programming. As a preview, here’s a working title: I don’t need a man; I just need pockets.

I do have a man, though, and I love him, and I’m keeping him. But like, functional pockets would be cool.

Ok Boomer, you win this time

Today’s beverage: coffee on an airplane

Leavinggggggg on an airplane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Just kidding, I have a return ticket for Sunday.

I hate flying, so I figured maybe I’ll write to pass the time and see what I come up with. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle those seatbelts, secure those tray tables, and hold on to your butts. We are headed to North Carolina for a girls’ weekend!!!

This is actually my first of three trips to North Carolina scheduled for this summer. If you know me (hi mom) you know that I have a brother in North Carolina, so you’d think this would be a great schedule to see my biggest brother, right? Nah. He is literally not in the state of NC for any of this trips!

Of course this would happen, because one of my friends on the trip has been saying for about 6 years that I made him up because she’s never met him. So I’m sure she’s “shocked” that he’s conveniently out of town this weekend. But he’s real, I swear! He’s just way too smart and successful and in demand at his job.

But anywayyysss, I’m sure you noticed that none of that has anything to do with the title of this entry.

Another thing that has nothing to do with the title? I have press on nails currently, and typing is so. fucking. hard. Like this is going to take me forever. But as I said, irrelevant.

No, this post is going to be about realizing that living like you’re in your early twenties would kill you now. I remember being in college and my dad told me that in his thirties he had a dream that he missed all of his finals and woke up in a panic. He said it was a real nightmare. And I just sat there like ok boomer, I have night terrors but go off.

But then it happened. I had the dream. The first one was a few years ago. I got lost on campus and missed my finals. Another time I realized halfway through the semester that I skipped two whole courses. Last night it was that I never handed anything in and flunked out.

And folks, the boomer was right! It’s awful!!! Sometimes I wake up from these dreams and almost need to go track down my diplomas to remind myself I finished all the things. I give so much respek to adult learners. I would not be able to hack it.

And it’s here that I ask myself, when did I get so old? There were definitely signs along the way. I had a MySpace. I have a Facebook. I have no fucking clue how to TikTok. I did not own a crop top or high waisted jeans in college. That last one is a real bummer because it sure would have been nice to discover that trend when I still had a six-pack. I was sub-tweeted when I didn’t even have a Twitter since I didn’t have a smart phone. Here’s looking at you, girl who wanted to fight me because I politely asked for my jacket back after you stole it.

It wasn’t until I was confronted with the idea of having to go back to school because my dreams told me that I never finished that I looked into the mirror and said, “I’m too old for this shit.”

I could not do college again. Or at the very least, I couldn’t do college how I did it the first time. I remember one Sunday, after beach party, rolling into the locker room for the long run. I was 5 minutes late, I was not coming from my own home, which it’s not what you think (not that it matters if I was coming from a night of getting railed), but I used to sleep at one of the other track houses all the time. Anyway, I roll in with nothing but a granola bar and probably beer in my stomach, and nothing but a bikini and a sweatshirt on my body. And then I ran 16 miles and went to brunch. Now I can’t have a beer within 72 hours of a long run, or I’m pretty sure I’d die.

Even beyond the party aspect of college, which I know was pretty minimal compared to the average college experience since I was an athlete, I don’t think I could handle it in general. I mean, all nighters to write a paper? My bedtime is firmly set at 10pm. I’d fail everything. And to think I didn’t discover coffee until grad school! My college roommate gifted me with a pretty solid caffeine habit.

I feel like in general I’m just not suited for college life anymore. I was much more resilient back then. The world and life hadn’t quite knocked me down yet. I lived in a “garden apartment,” which we all know is just a nice way to say I lived in a basement, and we had ants. Because it was a basement. One day in class I pull out my laptop, and I’m typing away, when all of the sudden, ANTS START CRAWLING OUT FROM THE KEYBOARD! At the time I just put the laptop in my backpack before we had a locusts descending on Egypt situation. If that happened now I’d need to set up an emergency appointment with my therapist, and I’d have to set the thing on fire.

Speaking of things that would cause absolute trauma now, I once blew the circuit in our apartment. The breaker was in the landlord’s basement, which shared a door with our apartment (proof we lived in a basement). As a result, the door to the basement is supposed to be unlocked, at least on their side, at all times. Our side was a different story. While our landlord was very nice, my roommate and I had some feelings about the guy living with her, who we didn’t discover until years later was her nephew. So the door stayed locked.

Why were we not on Team Random Man? Let me paint you a word picture. Don’t worry, it all circles back around to my original point. Bear with me.

It’s not rare for college athletic teams to have items that are passed down from class to class. For us, it was a mannequin leg. All the seniors would sign it when they graduated and it would go to a younger house. My junior year it found its home in my apartment. After Christmas break I respond to a knock on the door from the landlord’s mystery boy. When I open the door, he’s standing there with a mannequin leg. Questions pop into mind. Where did you get that? Why do you have it? How did you know we had one? WHY DA FUCK WERE YOU IN OUR APARTMENT?

So now that you have that background, let’s go back to the power outage. I unlock the door from our side to the basement, but it won’t open. We are supposed to have access, so I’m sitting there like, imma get this door open. After pushing with all the might in my little runner body, it opens. So you may be asking, was it locked by accident? Nope. ‘‘Twas not. It was blocked shut….BY A PILE OF MANNEQUIN PARTS.

Now as an adult, this would be the point where I pack my shit and move home for the rest of my life. But because college students have zero living standards, I just flipped the breaker and went about my day.

Thirty year old me and twenty year old me have very different guidelines for fuckupedness. That’s a word; don’t worry about it.

Update: adding an airport beer to the works

Back to business.

The moral of the story here is that I never thought something so innocent as dreaming about missing a college class would cause me such distress, especially compared to the fact that I routinely wake up convinced that someone is standing over my face, but here we are. The boomer was right. You win this time. Also, I know my dad reads this, so don’t worry dad I love you! Except for the first day of your retirement when you were on the roof at 7am doing construction work. It may have been 11 years ago but I remember being so rudely awakened by someone who was supposed to be RELAXING!

What these dreams taught me is that despite the fact that I hate that my joints are crackly and my resilience in the face of nonsense scenarios has gone down the toilet, I’m not sure I’d trade it for going back to college. Because I’m tired. And I know, almost-30 is not old. I’m still a spring chicken. I’m in my prime (To my boyfriend, you can still put a ring on it any day now). It’s just a slower prime than it once was.

And since all this reminiscing is bringing me back to my college days, I want to leave you on a fun story. It’s my cousin’s favorite, and it really is a classic example of college kids being hella dumb.

To set the scene: winter after Christmas break my senior year. It’s cold. It’s the middle of the night.

All of the sudden, the carbon monoxide detector goes off. It does its job and wakes up me and my roommate. Now at this point we had already had a gas leak just a few months prior, so this should have been especially concerning.

So I crawl out of bed and check the detector, and as you likely know, there’s usually a guide on the back with different beep patterns and corresponding instructions. This particular pattern said “move to fresh air.” Ok, that’s easy. So I take the detector, PUT IT OUTSIDE, and go back to bed.

Fortunately, I realized that this didn’t seem right. In reality, it was fortunate that it ended up just being a malfunction, but we didn’t know this at that point. So I call the fire department, not 9-1-1, because it’s still not occurring to us that this is a real problem. I went to college in a rural area. We got the fire department’s voicemail! This led to a very casual 9-1-1 call, which led to a somewhat less casual argument with the operator as to whether or not we could just stand near a window as opposed to going outside because “we feel fine, and it’s cold!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I currently possess a masters degree.

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle for another beer.

Look Ma, nice words!

Today’s beverage: I mean I did have a mimosa after my workout this morning. That counts, right?

It’s Mother’s Day, y’all! So why not write some nice things about the lady who made me!

I’ve been wildly fortunate to have the mom that I have. She’s more than just a mom to me; she’s also my best friend. It’s a real Hallmark movie up in here, minus the part of the movie where someone gets murdered.

To be cliche as fuck, it’s impossible to pinpoint the specific reasons that my mom is the amazing human that she is. She’s just always been there to be supportive, to set an example, to be a shoulder to cry on (literally- she’s pretty short), and to be a source of inappropriate humor.

When my brothers and I were little, my mom was a NICU nurse, and my dad was a police officer. This meant alternating day and night shifts, getting home from a long day of work and seeing that we were all taken care of for the next parental shift. It is here that I learned that if I want to be a working mom, I can make it work.

When my mom had to leave her job for medical reasons, she jumped into the role as room mother at school. She was there year after year, helping with projects. It’s here I learned that a working mom is not necessarily someone with a paycheck. Being a mom is a job in so many ways. It is also here that I learned that I did not inherit my mom’s skill for arts and crafts.

In these years, my mom showed me that her capacity for being a mom was far-reaching beyond just her DNA. She was able to find the kids that needed support, kids that lacked the stable home life that I was fortunate to have, and she brought them right into our family. While at times I was not on board with sharing, I know now that her example is something I will always strive to live up to.

Ok, this paragraph shows I was hella spoiled, so buckle up. I’d like to think I wasn’t a brat, but it probably depends who you ask. Every morning I woke up, and part of my breakfast would be made for me. And it’s not like she wasn’t busy! I left for school every day with a packed lunch and snack money (I was an athlete, get at me). I never even spent the snack money. At the end of each month I’d dump out a backpack full of dollar bills like some sort of unsuccessful stripper. I mean $60 a month? Clearly I wouldn’t have been doing something right.

As I aged into the years where popular television told me I was supposed to be angsty and rebel, my mom and I stayed inseparable. We didn’t fight. Ironically, this made the times when we did have disagreements more difficult because we didn’t know how to handle it. I can’t remember a time when I ever felt embarrassed of her, of a time when I didn’t want her around. I mean, she’s a badass, why wouldn’t I want her around? Her humor and sarcasm is rivaled by none, though her ability to cuss like a sailor is a trait that I think my dad wishes I hadn’t inherited.

She taught me to be a strong woman, to push back against the concept of conceding just to be ladylike. She taught me to fight for the things I want. She taught me that as a woman, there is no shame in taking pride in your work and capabilities. She taught me that I have a voice, and that voice can be used to challenge others. She taught me to stand up for myself, to be an advocate for myself and those who can’t advocate for themselves.

My mom was (and is) unstoppable. She hand-made Halloween costumes, she attended concerts, she was at track meets and soccer games. She curled my hair for dance competitions. Neither of us did my makeup because we had no idea what to do.

Once I hit college, our relationship remained strong, despite the distance. She is the mom I want to be for my kids. I was able to seek her advice on drinking, on boys, on sex; there were no limits. And her advice was never “don’t do it.” Instead, she was able to teach me how to take risks safely. She was the safety net for when I tested my limits. She was my sounding board when I was unsure of what I wanted in life.

My mom took me to get my first two tattoos. When I got my second one, she even got one with me! If I remember correctly, she actually paid for my first one.

I’m so grateful for our relationship because I know many people don’t have that. Sometimes I take that for granted.

Case and point: my first foray into birth control when I was in college.

I remember going to the college health center for birth control. I guess they’re used to students paying out of pocket so their parents don’t find out. But my mom already knew. I told the staff I could just go through my insurance. Well, I’m not sure if they didn’t believe me or if they thought I was out of my mind, but the nurse handed me a piece of paper and told me if I filled it out, I get my prescription for free. College students are hard-wired to accept free things. It’s science. So anyway, I fill out the form and off I go. Fast forward to my next trip home when I discover that I’m now receiving food stamps. The school signed me up for welfare! They did me a bamboozle! And my parents are sitting there like, you know we don’t care, right?!

Side note: it was very difficult to remedy this mistake. Not wanting to use resources I didn’t need, I tried to remove myself from the program. No one on the phone seemed to understand why I’d want out. I eventually just gave up and mailed the card back to them with a note that said “no thanks.”

One of the best things about my mom is that her unending support is paired with a non-judgmental wit and sarcasm that makes life fun. I remember pointing out a wedding dress I liked on TV one day while she was cleaning, and without breaking stride she just said, “too bad you can’t wear white anymore.” Some of you may think that’s inappropriate. And to that I say, calm da fuck down. Because remember, this is the same woman who helped me to be safe when navigating the world of dating and boys. The only reason she could even make that joke is because we had already built the foundation in our relationship that allowed us to share those details.

A few years ago, when my mental health truly bottomed out, she dropped everything and drove 2.5 hours to pick me up from CPEP (psychiatric ER). When I laughed at the fact that a visitor asked me if I worked there despite the fact that I was wearing running clothes and a blanket and my shoes had been confiscated, she laughed along with me while others responded with concerned stares. When I referred (privately and never to another patient) to the partial inpatient program that was a condition of my release as “The Island of Misfit Toys,” she accepted the name.

While some people may have treated me like glass in this situation, she understood that I needed to find humor in my situation to cope, because it’s a strategy I learned from her. I mean, when my mom had cancer, she renamed the oncologist “the cancer palace.”

She taught me that when life gives you lemons, you don’t have to make lemonade. You can actually tell those lemons to fuck right off.

Looking back at all of our years together, I can only think of one time that we struggled to see eye to eye. After living on my own through grad school, I moved home. I had just gotten out of a very controlling relationship, and I was trying to make up for lost time. At this point in time, my parents were living at our camp, and I had my childhood home to myself. When they were home, I’d stay out all night and not say anything. This is super fun for parents that spent their lives as first responders. I was working three jobs, one of which was at a bar, and I lived my life like I was some sort of alcoholic raccoon. I was never home unless I was sleeping and to scrounge through the house for whatever food I could eat, and then I’d leave to repeat the process. Dark under eye circles included, I probably even looked like a trash panda at times.

And we fought. And it was totally my fault. I barely took care of myself, so that’s a good indication of what I did to their house. At that time, I lived selfishly, and I will always feel bad about that.

But I eventually pulled my head out of my butt, and now we are back better than ever. It’s a good thing too, because being friends with your mom as a kid is great, but being friends with your mom as an adult? That’s the dream.

So in summary, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. You are my best friend, my hero, my compass, my momma bear.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

To the biological moms, the adoptive moms, the foster moms, the women taking care of siblings/grandchildren/nieces&nephews, to the guardians, to the dads pulling double duty as dad and mom, to the moms who’ve lost their children and the moms who’ve lost their babies before they even got to meet them, to the women who’ve had to move heaven and earth to become mothers, to the women seen as mother figures by people in their lives, to the stepmoms, and to any other mothers I’ve missed, Happy Mother’s Day.

And instead of my usual catchphrase, I will end on this:

To people who think it’s funny to say they’re pregnant as a prank…be better.

Early Pandemic Brigid Can Catch These Hands

Today’s beverage: Michelob Ultra…3 weeks out from the beach y’all!!!!

Guys, I’m tired. Like I’m just wiped. out. This week has felt so long.

It’s not that I haven’t been sleeping. I mean, I’ve never slept well, but like I just feel like sleep is not my problem. I have strong negative feelings towards anyone who can just put their head on a pillow and just fall asleep. It’s just not right.

In general, I’m just not a great sleeper. I take forever to fall asleep, and I wake up a lot during the night. And no, it’s not because of a prostate problem, like in the commercials, because I don’t have one, obvs.

No, I’ve come to terms with the fact that sleep would not go on my resume as a skill. I will say that recently, my boyfriend’s snoring problem hasn’t made things any easier.

To clarify, the fact that my boyfriend snores is not the problem. He can’t help it.

The problem is the fact that he snores like a fucking psychopath. I woke up the other night to a very terrifying knocking sound. After spending about 15 minutes trying to identify the noise and deciding who should inherit my jigsaw puzzles when I’m murdered, I discovered that the knocking sound was snoring. I shit you not, the man throws his voice like a ventriloquist when he snores. Add that to the fact that his snores are not noises that should exit the human noise/mouth area and you’ve got a real situation on your hands.

Now, I accept that I’m not always a dream either during my REM cycle. I have this really fun habit in which I will occasionally experience night terrors several nights in a row with no warning. These started back in college. It’s fun for everyone involved, really.

Let me paint you a word picture: I’m sleeping. Peaceful as a lamb. Then I “wake up” and there is 100% without a doubt someone standing over me. So I immediately throw the closest object at them as hard as I can. This object is always a pillow. Because that’s for sure going to help me out with a real intruder.

So that’s the fun part for me. The fun for the other person comes when I do actually wake up, but I’m still terrified and freak out on whoever’s closest to me. Again, usually with a pillow. This time it truly is a good thing.

But I digress. Because as I already said, this is not about sleep. I just can’t pass up a good tangent.

I’m tired because my main personality trait is burning the candle at both ends. And then for funsies, I go ahead and set the middle on fire as well.

I’m finding myself to be suddenly committed to various athletic events, and to say I’m unprepared is an understatement.

So here’s the thing. What had happened was, early pandemic Brigid made the mistake of thinking that a pandemic was the perfect time to get back into the best shape of my life. And I know, I’m not the only one who made that foolish decision. I have Instagram. I get it. This is my first pandemic, and I didn’t understand the rules. I didn’t know that the goal is just to, like, exist to the best of my ability until the world starts to straighten itself out.

The result of this is that I’m currently signed up for two half marathons and the Tough Mudder, all between May and June. In fact, the second half marathon is the week after the Tough Mudder. How did this chaos happen? Deferrals. That’s how. All the races I signed up for last year got moved to this year. Since I have the memory of a goldfish, I forgot and signed up for new races this year.


So now I’m trying to learn how to run more than 5 miles at a time again. I’m also trying to get myself to finally be able to do a pull-up. I’m still teaching spin, and I’m hell-bent on getting my six pack back. Essentially, everything is about to fall off. It’s great.

And the kicker is I’m sure there are more things that I signed up for, and now I just have to wait until they pop up. It’s a mess. I’m a mess.

How tired am I? I dozed off during Peaky Blinders! Because nothing relaxes you more than wondering who’s next to get their eyes sliced out by razor blades, right? This is especially risky, because falling asleep on the floor when the rabbit is looking for attention is a good way to get bit. You don’t mess with the Peaky Fucking Bunnies.

Had to do it. Not sorry.

I’ve also been running slow as molasses, which is fun. There’s nothing better than taking a peak at your watch and finding out that you’re going about a minute per mile slower than usual. It’s a real confidence builder going into a race.

To top this all off, my first race is a trail race. Last year, I decided I’d try my hand at trail races. There’s nothing too outlandish about that. The part that makes you facepalm is that my logic was to immediately go for the half marathon. Honestly I’m surprised I didn’t try and track down a full marathon right off the bat. Shit, if I knew how to do it, I’d probably have signed up for the Barkley Marathons.

Note: if you have not watched The Barkley Marathons: the race that eats its young, you need to. Like right now. Finish reading this post, then watch. Even if you don’t run, it’s wildly interesting because Lazarus is a crazy person and I’d like to adopt him as my grandfather.

Don’t worry, though. I corrected my mistake by finding a small trail 5k a few months back. All better, right? Nope. I decided to choose a race that involved running up a ski mountain and essentially making a controlled fall back down. But hey, I came in second! And then I got bit by a dog. That part is irrelevant, but here we are.

Circling back, Brigid is an exhausted son of a gun. I’m not sure if this epitome of “stream of consciousness” was a clear enough symbol of my current physical and cognitive state, so I figure I’ll spell it right out for ya. I’m nice that way. I care about my audience.

So why don’t I take a break? It’s just not in my nature. Why take care of yourself appropriately when you can just run yourself into the ground and then reset later. This whole thing is clearly Future Brigid’s problem. Live in the now, people.

I should take an example from my dog. Yesterday, Littlefoot got up at 10am and went outside to pee, came in and ate breakfast, and plopped her butt down on the couch. It was 5pm before I realized I plum forgot about her existence because she NEVER MOVED. This dog can nap. She’s taking a nap right now. Life for her is a spectator sport.

Honestly, the most frustrating part of this whole week is the fact that all I’ve wanted to do is write, but I literally have not been able to figure out what to write about. Writing is such a relaxing activity for me, and weirdly enough, it’s an effective method of resetting my brain. But I can’t write if I don’t have anything to write about! Hence today’s stream of nonsense. The main benefit here is that I actually feel better now than I did when I started this post. That may also be the beer, but who knows.

This does give me an idea, though. I’m gonna try something with you all; a choose your own adventure of sorts. If you follow me, and you have a topic about life in general that you’d like to see if I can’t put a few hundred coherent words together about, send it on over. If you don’t follow me, get off ya butt and follow me. And then you too can participate in the fun. This may ultimately be an unwise decision and I obviously have the ability to veto any topic I choose, but hey, toss it in the comments and see what happens.

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle for another beer.

Like the Grinch, except I can’t pull off green

Today’s beverage: hot tea

After one (or five) too many Michelob Ultras last night, my liver needed a break.

Did you miss me?! I know it’s been a bit since I wrote, but I had important things to do. I finally got to meet my niece!!! My family is scattered over several states, and this dang pandemic kept me away from the World’s greatest baby for the first four months of her life.

But now I’ve returned, and it’s time to this whole blog thing back underway.

Gather round boys and girls, because we’re gonna talk about birthdays! I’m turning the big 3-0 this year. Hence the age-based life crisis. Good-bye 20’s, hello to being that age where if you tell someone you’re pregnant, they’re not sure if you did it on purpose.


I thought I’d feel more like an adult at this point. But instead, I eat Lunchables on a routine basis, and I usually have to look up the instructions for baking a potato on the internet. At the same time, I’m trying to buy a house and I have a favorite bourbon. I’m all over the place.

Like, I have gray hairs, but I also still like poop jokes.

I can’t drink without a hangover, but I can still buy children’s shoes.

I have a 401k, but I still don’t go on vacation without running it by my parents.

You get the idea.

Anyway, I love birthday parties. I love party games, party snacks, party booze, the whole shebang. I mean hell, I have a piñata hanging in my kitchen from my boyfriend’s Super Soft Birthday Party, and that was a month ago. His name is Wallace, and I love him.

Here’s the catch. I only like these things when they are not mine.

That’s right, I do not celebrate my birthday.


When I was younger, I loved my birthday. I remember a lot of my birthday parties, and they. were. lit. In preschool, two boys got in a fist fight after one saw the other kiss me. You can’t pay for the that type of chaos. Seriously. You can’t. That would be highly illegal. I learned that on a episode of Law & Order. Baby fight club = jail. Dun Dunn.

Then there were the cakes. My mom was superstar when it came to birthday cakes. She could make anything out of a cake, and there was none of the fondant bull shit. Paul Hollywood would be giving out handshakes at warp speed. My favorite was a gumball machine, but all the gum balls were Skittles. One year for my brother she made two cakes. My brother wanted a cheesecake, but it turns out most other elementary school children don’t want cheesecake at a birthday party. Idiots.

Back to me.

My birthday falls during a great part of the year. It’s not like it’s near Christmas, like my brother. (SUCKS TO SUCK) I always got to bring popsicles to school, and some years it fell on our field days.

Here’s the thing about birthdays as an adult though. As much as I love celebrating people’s birthdays with them, there’s a line. I’m sorry, but you don’t get a “birthday month.” You get a day. Maybe a couple days if your schedule doesn’t allow for celebration with loved ones.

I feel like I should end this post with “and get off my yard!”

What happened to me to make me such a birthday Scrooge? It’s not like anyone pooped on my cake. Nobody punched me in the face at my party. Even the guy I accidentally threw an entire shot, glass and all, at on my 21st was super nice about it. I just don’t celebrate it. I have my reasons, and that should be that.



Who would have thought that me not wanting to celebrate a day that I guess is technically about me, would be such a problem for other people.

People do not like it when I say I don’t do my birthday. They want to “fix it.” Like ok, thanks for the sentiment, girl who just started dating my friend about 3 days ago, but it likely won’t be you who turns this ship around.

You’d think I’d cancelled Christmas. And I didn’t! Because as I’ve already said, my birthday is not at Christmas time!

To keep people from going rogue, I’ve actually stopped sharing when my birthday is. Now, I’m not dumb. I know that a lot of people know the date. But I also know that unless it comes up as a Facebook reminder, you’re likely not going to think about it until about 3 days late.

We’ve all been there.

For example, let’s say I have a friend who’s birthday is August 3rd.

Me on August 2nd: ok, Lucinda’s birthday is tomorrow.

Me on August 3rd: ….

Me on August 7th: FUCK. I DID IT AGAIN.

I bank on those exact brain farts. That, and the assumption that others will just accept my decision. And why wouldn’t you?! Now you don’t have to buy me a present! I’m saving you money. Hey hey you’re welcomeeee.

I do know one person that didn’t care that it was my birthday. The police officer that gave me a speeding ticket a few years back for going 70 in a 55. I’m not even mad. I respect the commitment.

You want to have yourself a birthday party? I’m all in. I even have a specific birthday party t-shirt, courtesy of Letterkenny and Etsy. Where do you think I drank all those Michelob Ultras on Saturday? That’s right, a birthday party. And where do you think my headache did not improve today? That’s right, a 5 year old’s birthday party. Both parties got two thumbs up in my book. If anything, today’s party was better because it was Disney Princess themed, and the other one was just beer-themed. Either way, both parties had a dog, so both were a success.

Speaking of multiple parties in one weekend, do you know who doesn’t mind my lack of fucks given to my day of birth? People who have a birthday in the general vicinity of my own. When I have kids, I’m going to time it out so all of their birthdays are near mine. Then I’ll never have to worry about it ever again. I’m a genius!

I’ve been trying to think of a cohesive conclusion to tidy this all up, and I think I’ve got it.

I will let the late, great DMX summarize my thoughts on my birthday.

“Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here
Y’all gon’ make me go all out
Up in here, up in here”

I think we can all agree that this is not my best work, but I seem to be having a bit of a block lately. I will do better next time, I promise!

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle for another beer.

Now get off my lawn!

Wet denim, duct tape, and electrocution…these are a few of my favorite things

Today’s beverage: canned wine – the greatest invention since boxed wine. One can is half a bottle of wine so let’s see how this goes.

Alright, alright calm down. The title isn’t referring to what you think…unless you think it’s sexual. Because it’s sexual. *wink*

KIDDING! It’s about my favorite yearly athletic event, fresh off the COVID reserve list and coming to a ski mountain or abandoned farmland near you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tough Mudder is back!!

After a year-long hiatus, the event is back on the calendar, and I have to say, June can’t get here fast enough.

My first Tough Mudder, TM for short because I’m a sucker for a good abbreviation, was in 2015. I was finishing up grad school and had an interview for a job in a research lab. One of the PhD students interviewing me asked if I’d consider doing a TM because they had an injured teammate. Obviously I said yes, and the rest is history.

Don’t worry I didn’t have to agree to an obstacle course to get the job! Nobody panic.

Anyway, the event arrives and off we go to meet up with our other team member. Now, what is the most important part of any team? You guessed it; uniforms. And there, on the other side of a Walmart, calling out to us like a lighthouse on a foggy night, was the perfect solution.


And just like that, Overall Obstacles, a team of 4 full grown adults who have no business in junior’s size clothing, was born.

Anyone who hasn’t done a TM, you really should. They’re magical. Sure, they’re a little dangerous, but one of my teammates had his insulin port ripped out climbing over a wall, and he’s still here. So it’s fine. I also saw someone cut his face open on barbed wire during Kiss the Mud, but since the logical approach to that is to crawl on your stomach, that’s his fault.

A few things to know about wearing denim to a Tough Mudder

1. Wear compression shorts. The jorts will still rub your skin raw, don’t get me wrong, but it’s better than nothing. It’s also a good idea in the event that your teammate’s overalls rip open at the crotch because they are too small and have been for the last several years that you’ve owned and not washed them, while climbing a wall with a stranger climbing the same wall underneath you. Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen!

2. If you’re having trouble scaling an obstacle, simply tell the stranger in front of you to pull you up by the straps. You will already have a full body wedgie, so it’s not like it can get any worse.

3. Men – cover those nips with duct tape if you’d like to keep them.

Side note: in my second year, a new addition to our team asked me how to tie the buckles to keep my nipples from chafing…a bra. I wear a bra.

Anyway, I was hooked from the start. I have now completed 6 of them, and thinking back I have so many good highlights from each year.

2016 – TM#2

Let’s set the scene. I ran a marathon in May. The Mudder was schedule for late June. Now, I always take on a little damage to my immune system post-marathon, but imagine my surprise when I came down with mono a week after the race. I ran my fastest marathon to date (3:09) and based on how incubation periods work, I likely already had it brewing so maybe I am sub 3! (Ugh I wish)

Cue absolute devastation. Damn my lack of making out with strangers in college so I could have gotten it when the rest of the world did.

I was sick for awhile before I found out it was mono. Part of the reason it took a few visits to diagnose me was because apparently there are multiple strains of mono. Most people get the one where they’re tired and their throat is on fire. Me? I had a fever of 102 for 7 days and thought my head was trying to cave in on itself. In fact, I was tested for AIDS before it occurred to anyone that it might just be mono.

Now, I’m an educated person. But there are times when my common sense doesn’t quite keep up. And I was not missing the Mudder. So I concocted a plan. My teammates were insistent that I shouldn’t even be able to attend as a spectator because it’s a long day out in the heat and I can’t be trusted to behave. Essentially I needed a doctor’s note. Makes sense, I know.

Here’s how that went down. I asked my doctor if I could go to the TM. He assumed I was asking to go and watch. He was fine with that. I told my team that he said I could participate. What’s a little white lie between friends? Then I waited until halfway through to inform them that I was only cleared to spectate. Too late to go back now! I feel like I was very responsible. I avoided the obstacles that might perforate my enlarged spleen, such as King of the Swingers (I’m still bitter because it hasn’t been back) and Electroshock Therapy (not so bitter). I’m still here, so it’s fine!

The next year was probably my favorite, mostly because doing a Tough Mudder without mono is significantly easier than doing one with mono. Shocker.

Fast forward to 2019, and this is the one where I learned a valuable lesson. It just so happened that the Tough Mudder was in Massachusetts in the morning, and my boyfriend and I (he’s now a full fledged team member) had a wedding in Connecticut in the evening. The timing was perfect!! One weekend away, two awesome events, what could go wrong. Well, I’ll tell ya. Remember what I said about wet denim and your skin? It’s not pretty. What’s also not pretty is forgetting to wear a pair of compression shorts under your dress later on in the evening. A shift dress, combined with thighs (minus a thigh gap) that are basically burned and openly bleeding, is a recipe for pain. Not even alcohol could save me.

Pretty picture, right? Try being the portrait. OOF

This was also the year of my first bloody nose. And no, it wasn’t from an obstacle. It was from tripping over flat ground and falling on my face before putting my hands out because I was playing with the overall straps.

No matter the year, one thing remains the same. Tough Mudder Day is a holiday in my opinion.

Because here’s the thing about Tough Mudders. You’ll never find a more fun group of strangers. “No man left behind” is the theme of the day, especially if he’s dressed in a tutu. Nothing unites a group of strangers like agreeing to be recreationally electrocuted at least once. A result of this great community is that we tend to run into the same groups year after year. Saying that Overall Obstacles is remembered is not a white lie, unlike my assurances that my spleen was fine. AND I LOVE IT! People of all genders dig the overalls, and it’s not not because people know our nether regions are full of mud and rocks contained in a material that should never be wet unless it’s in a washing machine.

I very much missed the Tough Mudder last year. I mean, I get why it had to be canceled, global pandemic and all, but it sucked. Part of me wonders if COVID could even survive the conditions. And I think anyone who’s done a Tough Mudder would ask that question. Having open wounds while crawling through mud that is most likely cow shit, and pulling people up by limbs that are also openly bleeding makes you realize how strong the immune system can be.

Exception: the year that I finished a TM, and 7 hours later had strep throat complete with a staph infection. And yes, I understand how incubation periods work, and I’m sure that’s not how fast one would acquire those problems, but that was also the year of the Pork Soda obstacle. Let me tell you, the smell of that “mud” was not right.

But 2021 is our year. Overall Obstacles will be making their triumphant return. The overall jorts are ready to go. They’re too small, but they’re ready.

What does this have to do with the blog theme? Not a damn fuckin thing. But it has occurred to me that my life is not exciting enough to have something “on brand” prepared for you every week. So here we are.

And there goes my wine. Which is why my boyfriend got first glimpse at this post before it was published.

So until next time… I guess I need a closing catchphrase, but that’s a hurdle (or obstacle) for another beer (or can of wine).